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USA Publications presents Catfight Films - a members site for female fight fans

Content ranges from extreme female wrestling and outdoor hair pulling fights to indoor topless and nude cat fight brawls. Some months you will see sexy bikini clad women or girls in stockings or panty hose going at each other in a fury. Other months, you will see wild chicks in denim battling the girl next door. Every month offers something deliciously different for catfight fans.

SAC1All New Catfight Material!

Catfight Films Members enjoy 10+ hours of catfight videos. Each month we introduce a catfight video world premier, with all new action that is exclusive to this site. These female vs female fights are terrific and not available anywhere else but here.

Monthly Catfight Sections

Movie Catfights - dedicated to fight scenes culled from dramas, westerns, B&W, silent films and much, much more. Some of these rare gems may surprise you.

Foreign Film - catfight scenes from overseas films and television.

featured video samplerFeatured Videos - Full length 1-2 hour long catfight videos by USA Publications and Real Catfights website.

Catfight Films was established in December 2002 and is owned and operated by USA Publications. If you own exclusive rights to an amateur or professional catfight video, we would like to hear from you. USA Publications buys and licenses catfight content. For inquiries or comments, please Contact Us:

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