This month you’ll see restaurant employees fighting, hot chicks in Miami in micro-mini skirts go at it, Russian ladies fight, women from India rip off each other's clothes, sexy, drunk women fighting n the street, a woman's top in Japan gets ripped off, strippers in a dressing room brawl,, pretty girls tear each other apart... You get the picture.  Hot, Hot, Hot!


We've added more clips to each of our famous CATFIGHTS CAUGHT ON AMATEUR VIDEO SECTIONS (World Wide Web Catfights, Crystal Clear Catfights and Cell Phone Catfights).  These continue to be the favorite section's for most members and for good reason, it's real and raw.


Our WEB ONLY CATFIGHTS contains a full hour of hot female oil wrestling at an indoor spa. See 2 on 2 women going at each other in a splashy mess.


In our MOVIE CATFIGHT section we focus on catfights from new and upcoming films with intense, realistic catfights. Don't miss these. 


In FOREIGN FILM CATFIGHTS we shoW catfight scenes from Greece, Middle East, France, Spain, Canada and some interesting surprises. 15 foreign film catfight scenes for you all to enjoy.


Our FEATURED VIDEO this month is from Argentina.  A full hour of sweaty topless action.


South American Catfights #7: Topless Frenzy



Our most popular feature, CATFIGHT VIDEO STREAMING, are 100% entire full length catfight videos for your entertainment.  All free to be watched over and over again at no extra charge.  Below are the video box covers and descriptions for all 4 of the new, streaming videos.  Check them out:


Two sultry, hot cunts in turn-on outfits, intense wrestling, pussy grabbing, titmauling, and more in this heated match. Hot body to body action, sensational front and rear face-sitting, as the turned on victor rubs, grinds, and rides her foe mercilessly, smothering her half to death, and making her use her mouth on her gorgeous naked cunt and ass. Two gorgeous ladies with awesome bodies in a super clash.



Back when hair was big, the fights were even bigger! Now you've got a ringside seat for the wildest trash talking, hair pulling, and clothes ripping catfights to ever come out of the totally awesome 80's!


These aggressive German sluts meet on a rubber mat to wrestle each other to the ground. After being held down for a while, having pulled and twisted their hair, the lusty attack on the love-slits begins. Don't miss round one!



Over the years, Tracy has not only starred for Joan Wise, but has also looked for opponents and produced her own matches. Her rules are wild and her fights awesome. Tracy has given us exclusive rights to these two very special matches. This is Tracy like you've never seen her before, as an evening that begins as friendly, private fun winds up as a life and death struggle as all rules are off.

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